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Roy Mercer vs Goldberg prank call(hilarious)

This is a real call that was made to Goldberg(it's really him). For anyone who has never heard of Roy Mercer, he does a lot of these type calls to various people and has cd's. It is pretty funny, although I have to admit I was surprised at the language that Goldberg used during the call, it would definitely be an R rating if the words weren't bleeped out.

I have received a few emails recently about this file not working and I have tried to re upload it so that it would work but it still isn't working. If you want the file, go to www.limewire.com, it is a file, music, etc. sharing program and you can search for it and find it there. If you have a slow internet connection it will take a few minutes to download, but it is worth hearing for all Goldberg fans!

Click here to download

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