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How I became a wrestling fan

Well, first off, I had an older brother. Otherwise, I might have never watched wrestling at all. But he would turn on the T.V. every weekend to "Midsouth" wrestling and we would watch Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ted Dibiase, Kimala, Rock and Roll Express, Magnum T.A...Mr. Wrestling II, Junkyard Dog and many others. I lived in Louisiana and Hacksaw Jim Duggan lived two streets away from me. I got to meet him several times and he was always very nice, although shy if he wasn't doing some type of promotion and you saw him in the grocery store or somewhere like that. One time he was doing an autograph signing and I was sick and didn't get to go and one of my friends got me an autographed pic of him where he wrote "get well Judy" on it and I thought that was really nice of him. I wish I still had that pic! My parents would tell me and my brother that wrestling was fake, but we didn't believe it, in fact, we had aisle seats one time at a live house show and when Kimala came out I screamed my head off when he walked by me because I was afraid he would beat me up with his warrior stick thing he carried. Then, a man a couple of aisles up, reached out and punched him in the arm and got thrown out...LOL Anyway, for a couple years I believed wrestling was REAL but since good ol "Hacksaw" lived close by me and my brother were absolutely shocked to see him and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams riding bicycles together when they were suppose to be mortal enemies on T.V. That proved it to us, it was fake! But did we stop watching? Nah...we were already hooked! Other wrestlers that I met(or saw) from Midsouth(besides live house shows) were Terry Taylor in a drugstore once(I didn't talk to him), he was all dressed up in a suit and talking to the manager about something...and the Rock and Roll Express in the back of a car once. I went to a total of one WCW event about 5 years ago and have never been to a WWF event. I must add the name of my friend who got me the get well autograph from Dugan, her name is Paula Jean Henson Martin and she is one of my best friends in the world. :)